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What are Reignall Terms and Conditions?

1. Reignall is in no way reliable or accountable for any transaction done on this platform or how this platform is used, as users join out of their own free will and the whole Money circulates round the circle.

2. At Reignall Every User have a maximum of 14hours to pay and get confirmed by his beneficiary otherwise will be deleted automatically from the system forever without prior notice.

3. At Reignall, We don't play around and we don't allow Online Be ggars. If you don't have money to donate when matched, Please do not register at all. We need serious people who are serious to make money.

4. Every registration at Reignall is done at freewill, and we assume you where not forced to register.

5. At Reignall, we make people smile, don't forget to tell your loved ones..

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